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Update for State Farm Account Access

Is there any update on when the issue for accessing State Farm Online accounts. I saw a post that was opened in Oct of 2019 which has since been closed and it doesn't look like it was every fixed, or updated with the status of this issue. Frustrating. :s Thanks.

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  • jbuttramjbuttram Member
    Known issue that has gone on for months with no ETA.
  • Jerry_Jerry_ Member ✭✭✭
    It seems to have definitely happen to me when I updated my Windows Premier to Version R25.10 that when I implemented the new "Quickpay" Billers Procedure I lost the ability to update my regular State Farm Biller reminders - one for Home Owners Insurance and the other for Auto Insurance.

    Do you think upon such implementation that Quicken Inc. created its own Financial Institution List not relying any further on the List created by Intuit? For when keying "State Farm" as an Online Biller, the name is no longer listed for such choosing.

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  • JustMeHereJustMeHere Member ✭✭✭✭
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    See (above), it seems that this is State Farm's doing:

    (Edited-Removed Self-Referencing Link after Merging) 
    Using Quicken Subscription Premier (and have a copy of Starter to test things on)
  • Jerry_Jerry_ Member ✭✭✭
    To confirm the posts of Mark W, I went to my State Farm Portal , and contacted the Digital Experienced Team to inquire on their views of Online Billing. This is the reply I received from Zach.

    Hi Gerald
    I am responding to your inquiry regarding Quicken Personal Financial Management (PFM) software and access to State Farm customer data.
    Approximately six years ago, a solution was implemented by State Farm that allowed certain third party PFM vendors to extract financial and account data from our customer facing websites. This solution allowed PFM vendors to gather information from State Farm websites and aggregate bank, mutual funds and insurance data for customers.
    In September 2016, as a result of evolving technology combined with added scrutiny of risk and security environments, State Farm decided the solution we previously had in place was no longer an optimal option to protect customer data. The ability for third party software to use customer credentials to log in on their behalf is not allowed. As an alternative, certain products will allow customers to manually download their information into a vendor’s software application.
    At this time we are continuing to evaluate options to reengage with PFM vendors. We understand this decision has caused inconvenience, but we believe it’s an important step toward keeping personal information safe and secure.
    State Farm® | Digital Experience Team
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    Retired - former Computer System Analyst
  • jbuttramjbuttram Member
    Oddly I was able to receive State Farm Bills directly into Quicken up until about Fall 2019. If the decision was made in 2016 to stop PFM vendors, why did it continue until 2019? Additionally, hundreds if not thousands of merchants and financial institutions allow such activity. State Farm needs to get over their irrational fear and put a secure method in place like everyone else.
    I will start complaining to SF. Just venting my frustration.
  • ckzapckzap Member
    jbuttram: Same! I recently upgraded from Quicken 2017 and my transactions keep wanting to go there. It asks me if I want to open the newer version, which I do, but transactions still won't download into it. Can I really not do this anymore? I use that card WAY too much to enter the transactions manually.
  • entrampentramp Member
    State Farm has another method of allowing you to import your transactions into Quicken however it requires manual process in your part. You’ll need to log in to your State Farm account, export the Quicken file, you’ll see this option available and then import the file on the Quicken side. Kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion of having accounts available electronically. This process is definitely ‘old school’. Happy Importing!
  • ckzapckzap Member
    Thank you, entramp. I still don't see an option to import into Quicken Deluxe. As far as I can tell, import will still only go into Quicken 2017. I'm not a total yokel when it comes to technology, but I'm not very advanced, either. I'll look on YouTube for a step by step. Thanks, again!
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