Why does my "current account" not set the date range I give it?

I keep creating a "Year End Report" for 2019 (which includes two years of data to 2018), but the "current file, despite repeatedly setting the date start range for 1/1/2019 keeps including all the data back to 1/1/2018. What to do?

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    If this is a Filter setting in an account register, check to see that "Remember register filters after Quicken closes" in Edit / Preferences / Register is enabled (has a checkmark).
    If this is about a customized report ... are you saving the customized report settings? Give us more details, please.
  • I do not think these apply. I use Property Manager. I am making the Year End Report: File>File Operations>Year End Report. From there, I am selecting "I only want transactions in my current data file..." and setting that start date at "1/1/2019." Yet, it consistently copies the entire file back to 1/1/2018.
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