How do I change the amount of a repeating online payment that does not appear in my repeating online

Every month My bank sends a check to my church for the same amount. I want to change the amount, but there is no such payment shown in my repeating online payment window. I have changed the version of windows I am using since the payments were started could that be part of the problem? In any case, I need help. As it stands now I am unable to either change or stop the monthly payments.
Currently, I am using Quicken 2020 Version R24.11 Build Any help will be appreciated.


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  • Frankx
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    HI@Victor Roush,

    You may be able to take a different approach - try this:
    1) First open the Online Payee List - Go to Tools > Online Payee List > Enter;
    2) Page Down in the list and highlight the Payee (the Church);
    3) With the Ctrl key held down - press the Delete Button at the bottom of the page;
    4) Click "OK" in the pop-up box to confirm.

    Let me know how this goes.


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  • Victor Roush
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    When I tried that I got the message "Quicken cannot delete an online payee for which there are repeating online payments. Delete and repeating or scheduled online payments that use this payee, then delete the payee. What I need to do is to change the amount of the online repeating payment.
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