Question About Forum Categories + Signing on with ID

krw1 Member
I apologize if I'm being nit picky but the drop down for "Category" in the "Ask a Question" is so specific and not all questions fit into any of the pre-defined categories.
1. Why not allow a user to enter a question without all the qualifications. Why not have a "Miscellaneous" or "General" category?
2. If a user is already signed into his/her Quicken account, WHY make them sign in to the community? Why not carry over the credentials from their Quicken user id as their credentials for the Community?


  • UKR
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    About your question (1): I'll let someone else answer that. All I can say is, do the best you can to shoehorn it into one of the existing categories. It helps separate the Mac from the Windows users and allows us to roughly see what type of problem you have. If you miscategorize, a moderator will recategorize if necessary.
    About (2): It may look as if this Community runs under the domain, but that's smoke and mirrors. It actually runs on a server farm completely independent of Quicken, with it's own, separate security system. Usernames and passwords are independent of your "Quicken ID" and password system. You can even have different IDs. At this time, the two systems cannot be combined.
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