Every time I change a scheduled transaction the list goes back to the top

Let's say I have to change one of my monthly bills that I've scheduled. I go into the Bills & Income display and scroll down (no search obviously although there should be). After I find the appropriate bill to update and I can't always update it because sometimes it's displayed on the register and it won't let you update the transaction because of what I guess are future transactions which appear on the register in which case I'll have to go to the next scheduled date. If I can update the transaction as soon as I make my change and click OK I'm up at the top of the list again for no apparent reason. Why? Leave me where I am don't assume you know what I want to do. If I click cancel then it leaves me in the list where I was. Why the difference?

I also put this little note about editing what is displayed or not displayed in the register. If it's reconciled then you wouldn't change that amount in the register but you would for future transactions assuming what you're changing affects what's in the register that's not cleared. Again there's a lot of times you can't edit these scheduled transactions and again no list of how or why.

Why are some scheduled transactions allowed to be skipped and others aren't? Why is the menu of options different sometimes being a one-level menu and other times you have to go -into a secondary menu? You need to hire a Business Analyst that knows what they hell they are doing.


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    You might put a form at the top of the post so people remember.
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    I have seen this kind of lazy programming in other applications. Once you change an item in a list, the list may need to be re-sorted to put that item in the right place. It's easier to go back to the top of the list than it is to figure out where you should go next. If the item went from #25 to #10 in the list, where do you want to land? #25, where it used to be, or #10 where it is now? We don't know, so we'll put you back at #1.
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