Is there any way to convert Mac 2017 file to Windows WITHOUT using the Mac?

My MacbookPro is dead. I was able to recover all files (backup). I'm replacing the computer with a PC and will be purchasing Quicken for Windows. From what I've read, the only way to convert the file is to open it in the Mac version and export it as a Windows-format file. I can't get my Mac version to run since my computer is dead. Are there any other options? Thanks in advance.


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    What you have read is correct.
    In QMac, one exports a QXF file.
    The QXF file is then imported into QWin.
    I do not know of any work-around for this.

    You should also be aware that this conversion, QMac to QWin, only partially works.
    Investment accounts are not converted - no investment accounts are created in QWin.
    For transfer transactions, the transfer links do not convert. Both sides of a transfer are in the respective registers but they are not linked.
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    Thank you! I'll keep searching for a friend who will allow me to install Quicken on their Mac to do the conversion.

    As for the conversion issues, I'm not concerned about investments. And I think I can live with unlinked transfers so long as they show up in the respective registers.

    I really appreciate your input. I'm still recovering from the HD crash - this stuff is painful!
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