Need vendor invoicing for family accounts, not just business accounts

Our family charges things on account with several vendors, and pay the bill monthly. Yet there seems to be no way to enter family vendor invoices separate from business invoices and still be able to use tags. For example, if our local car repair shop bills us for repairs, we can't use the tag to identify the particular vehicle that was repaired. Vendor invoices offers Project/Job, which is fine for a business, but not fine for family bills. Same for our account at hardware stores, etc. etc. I have created a Family Bills account that we use for all the above, but we can't use tags when creating vendor invoices, and that makes using tags to search for repairs to a particular car pointless...because I can't enter the car's tag when entering the invoice.


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    For many years Quicken for Windows has had an alternative method for entering Tags:
    Just type the Tag name into the Category field, separated by a slash from the category name. See example above, where typing a tag name that's new to my file brought up the New Tag prompt.
    As an alternative to using Vendor Invoices and/or for those who don't have the H&B edition:
    • Set up a Liability account for all those purchase invoices that you plan to pay off over time
    • Record the purchase, full amount, into the Liability account and categorize and tag as needed.
    • Set up a Scheduled Reminder for the monthly payments you plan to make, categorize it as a transfer from Checking (or Credit Card) to the Liability account and set an End Date for the reminder, "End after [xx] reminders".

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