What current versions of Quicken can open Quicken 2015 datafiles?

I do not use Quicken online, and will only store my data files on my secure PC.


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    Any version from Quicken 2015 and newer can open the data file.  There is also the consideration of "Edition", like Starter, Deluxe, ...

    In Quicken 2017 and below Starter will not let you use a data file that was created by Deluxe or above.  In the "subscription version" which is Quicken 2018 and above (they all update to the current version, and so the 2018, 2019, ... doesn't mean anything), the Starter version will open the data files created by Deluxe or above, but make account that are of a type it doesn't support "read-only".  I only supports, checking, savings, credit card, cash.

    Note "subscription" is how you pay for it, it doesn't imply anything about a change in where your data file is stored (still on the Desktop hard drive).
    Using Quicken Subscription Premier (and have a copy of Starter to test things on)
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