Installing new 2020 Quicken Windows version via Parallels on an iMac

I just purchased the latest version of Quicken home & business. I've historically run the Windows version of Quicken using Parallels software via Windows 7 OS on my iMac. Every time I try to install, it is only being found on the mac and the parallels/windows software doesn't seem to be able to spot it. So, I've been unable to upgrade the old version on the Windows platform. I hope someone out there is familiar enough with the Parallels software to help. Thank you.

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  • jkotapish
    jkotapish Member ✭✭
    I'm sure this would've done the trick and thank you very much for chiming in to help us. In the interim, I had reached out to Parallels, and there were some permissions on the iMac that had to be turned on, and then we manually were able to get the Windows virtual machine to recognize the software update.
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