How are archived data files identified, where are they and how to get info out

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In the past, to reduce the size of the Q-data file, I have performed the "Year to Date" function. I have located, I believe, one of these files but there should be additional files on my laptop somewhere. Can anyone advise what file 'name' I should be looking for?

I 'played' around with the archived file I found but apparently it is too large to convert into today's Quicken format and boot up so I can search for the info I want/need. An error message suggests ways to 'get around' this issue but make no sense.

If anyone has performed the Year to Date function and archived prior data and then accessed the archived data, can you provide guidance on how I locate the file desired and convert/load into today's Quicken?



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  • pops-37
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    look in disk:\Apps Data\Quicken DATA for files with .QDF extension unless you changed the name of the backup file when you did the EOY process.

    Not sure I understand the part about to large to boot up unless you are suggesting the file is also very old. If that is the case you may need to open it with an older version to update properly.

    I have done archive and then opened the old file with out errors. Wish you luck.
  • Donald Miller
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