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Oh boy... new here. Here is my problem: I'm trying to get my Statement of Financial Condition entry for Investment Accounts to balance with the Cost Basis reflected in both my Portfolio Balance Report and the Portfolio Value and Cost Basis Report. Both of these Portfolio Cost Basis balance with the Cost Basis reflected in the Brokerage Statement for Year End. How can I either:
1. Find the discrepancy and correct it or
2. Is it possible to make an entry to "Force" the adjustment in the number reflected on the Statement of Financial Condition to match the Higher Value of the Cost Basis reflected in all my other reports and Statements. I am confident the higher matching basis reflected in both of the Quicken Portfolio Reports and the Brokerage Statements are correct.

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  • bwalker56
    bwalker56 Member
    Thank you! Yes you were spot on. I went in and adjusted the securities included in the saved report of Financial Condition and it balanced right in line. It was a report saved and transferred over in my upgrade earlier this year. Thank you for your help!
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