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New version doesn't remember window size?

Updated from Q2017 Deluxe to Q2020 Deluxe. Installed version R25.18, build
Q2017 remembered my large window size. Q2020 opens a small uselessly-sized window each time. How can I change this?


  • Quicken DianaQuicken Diana Moderator, Employee mod

    Hello @brec, thank you for reaching out.

    How are you closing Quicken? I close from the “X” in the top right corner and when I open the Quicken software it automatically opens to the size that it was set at before I closed it. If you are closing through FILE > EXIT, try using the “X” and let us know what happens!

    -              Quicken Diana

  • brecbrec Member ✭✭
    I'm closing it with the "X"; I've never used File::Exit. I get a backup prompt after I click the "X".
  • brecbrec Member ✭✭
    And ... I just opened Q again for the first time since my original post, and the problem has disappeared; the window size opened same as I'd closed it.
  • Quicken DianaQuicken Diana Moderator, Employee mod
    Great, I'm glad it's resolved!

    - Quicken Diana
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