After adding new security, focus goes back to date in register

I believe this is a bug, and I believe it came about as-of the R25.10 release.

You're tabbing thru the register entering a new investment transaction - you enter the date, the action, then security - when the security is new, you go thru the multiple dialogs to establish the tracking of the new security name - all's good - when you complete that, and prior to R25.10 focus would return to the next field - which is the #shares.

So - the tabbing and entering of data seemed to simply go as one would consider "naturally" across the fields of the register.

As of R25.10 and I can confirm even w/ R25.18 after you complete the dialogs to create the new secutity, when you return to the register focus re-starts back at the first of the register fields - the date - rather than continuing along as I would call "naturally" across the columns of the register.

I can't imagine why a change would have been made that would "lose track" of where you were entering data in the register, and return focus to the first field, as opposed to either staying with focus on the security field or advancing to the shares field - after the creation of a new security name/symbol/etc.

I'd love to hear if there was a positive objective behind this change, or if it is indeed a bug (EoU bug, if nothing else) introduced.



  • q_lurker
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    I think that behavior has been evident for a few years.  The behavior I recall from QW2017 was that after creating the security, the program would return to the Date field appearing to be a new transaction.  If you moved along to Buy Shares, it would then fill in the security you just created - as if it had been waiting in the wings.   
  • J M
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    thanks for the response q_lurker.
    I create custom securities ea day - since the majority of my trading is in options (that can't lookup symbol info) - so I had been more-or-less patterned to how things behaved prior to updating to R25.10 . I'm really not sure how things were from QW2017 - but I'm really sure it wasn't re-setting to the date column just prior to that R25.10 update for QW2020 at least. There was a very definite change after I installed that update