Many Accts? What is best way to know which accounts are not reconciled or agree to online balance

Have Many Accounts.

Does Quicken H&B have a feature or notification that tells one that an account needs to be reconciled or is does not agree to online balance?

Seems like there should be something on the account list showing either the account has not been reconciled for 30 days or account is not in reconciled to online balance.

Maybe the Alert is the best method? Or is there a better method this this that is quick and easy?


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    Open Tools Menu / Account List.
    Make it full screen so you can see all columns.
    There should be one named "Last Reconcile" ... if it isn't, click the Options button and add the column to the list.
    When it comes to reconciling my accounts, I do not rely on Online Balance and/or automatically accepting downloaded transactions. All my accounts are reconciled against the monthly printed bank statement ... and that has worked well for me for many years, even before the Internet and download functions were invented.
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    Question - I did what you said and added Last Reconciled but there is no dates in that field when I should have quite a few. I tend to do the automatic but I do have a number where they are reconciled with the paper one.

    Not sure why there is not a single date in the column?
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