Bill pay copy function doesn't appear

According to Quicken, there is a way to transfer bills set up under the old system to the new one described at . However, the "Pay" function does not appear under the "Bills & Income" tab on my version of Quicken Premier.

I used Quicken Bill Pay up until the middle of December, 2019 when I stopped paying the annual fee. I started paying it a couple of days later, but discovered Quicken Bill Pay no longer worked because my checking account supposedly wasn't enabled for bill pay (after using it for years!). I tried setting it up again several times, and called Quicken several times, but the microdeposits never appeared, despite Quicken saying that it would accept Quicken Bill Pay applications up until March 7.

Does this mean I have to enter the details for all my bills again? Why can't I copy them over?

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