Projected balance and running balance agree; do not understand today's balance

I am running version Mac OS Deluxe 2020, version 5.15.1, annual subscription. I do not use the online banking feature. I reconcile bank statement to my Quicken register by hand.

I do not understand the discrepancy between the 'projected balance' and 'today's balance'. The projected balance is in sync with my running balance. The today's balance is some weird number that I am unable to reconcile by adding, subtracting or taking away transactions... it's just some random number. It seems today's balance should be whatever today is - not counting future deposits or transactions that I have noted in the register for future dates (ie. the projected balance). How do I get the today's balance to actually show today's balance.

I repeat - there is no influence from online bank interference because I am not signed up with my bank giving access to my Quicken account.


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