Invoicing in Quicken 2013

I have been using Quicken 2003 strickly for creating new and viewing old invoices. I upgraded my computer and Windows 10 does not support Quicken 2003 so my computer guy istalled Quicken 2013. Now I am no longer able to create or view invoices? Does Quicken no longer have this option?


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    If your computer guy downloaded and installed the free version provided by Quicken, you got the Deluxe version. This does not include the H&B feature.
    If you need H&B, unless you can find an original installation CD for 2013 H&B for sale on the Internet you need to purchase, download and install Quicken 2020 Home, Business & Rental Property Management either directly from Quicken or from any reputable Internet retailer. Shop around to get the best price for your subscription length.
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