Budget Status Amount Counting Rollover Twice

Call me crazy, but I don't see any logical reason for why Quicken is totaling up one of my Budget Categories the way that it is now. I have a Entertainment Budget split into two sub-categories: Everything Else, Season Tickets. End of month balance for Everything Else is $185.92, End of month balance for Season Tickets is $1920. That adds up to $2105.92 leftover at the end of the month. Yet Quicken tallies up the Entertainment Category total to be $2248.84, because it is adding $142.92 of Rollover from the prior month that is already factored into the Everything Else balance which was $185.92. Why on earth is it counting the Rollover again when it's already counted in the one sub-category?

I'm on the latest and "greatest" dare I say that word. 2020 Version R25.18, Build
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