Bill Manager: New "Online Billers" become associated with wrong default payment account

If you choose "Enter" for an online biller, you can choose "Account to use". By default it shows, I think, the first one alphabetically. In my case it is showing a CLOSED account I keep around for historical purposes.

I guessed this didn't matter (except for being annoying since I would ALWAYS have to pick an account other than the default). However, I did notice that an alert from that biller DID show up on that default selected payment account, even when it was "hidden".

My Question: How do I change the "default" payment account that is magically associated with a biller?

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  • mjbank
    mjbank Member ✭✭✭
    BTW: With Manual Billers, you can specify the default "From account", which makes sense since Quicken has to know what account to draft the check on. But if I Quick Pay an online biller, won't it ALSO need to know what account to EFT the money from? Why can't I set THAT default?

    P.S. according to the "Payment Accounts" pop-up, I have 17 accounts, but only one has any green checks (and it has both green checks). Why do those other accounts even come into play with Quick Pay or Check Pay???
  • HJR
    HJR Member ✭✭✭
    I hope this changes. I've already paid from the wrong account twice.
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