My downloaded transactions go immediately into the register instead of at the bottom

I would like to manually enter downloaded transactions into my register. After one-step update, my transactions go directly into the register instead of to the bottom for manual acceptance. All the settings are correct (unchecked).


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    Where are the "Auto-accept downloaded transaction" settings?

    There are two places where this is controlled in Quicken for Windows:
     - Globally, for all accounts, in Edit / Preferences / Downloaded Transactions
     - For each account individually, the global setting can be overridden from the Edit Account Details screen, Online Services Tab. Look for blue text "Automatic Entry is: ON / OFF". Click the text to change the setting.

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    Both of the checkboxes you mention are unchecked. All other accounts download and put the transactions at the bottom for me to manually 'accept' or 'ignore', just one financial institution puts downloaded transactions directly into the register...ugh...

    Thinking it was a glich, I deactivated online activity for those accounts, and created two new accounts for that financial institution, activated online activity for them, and the same thing happens.

    Tech support is little help because each time I call in for follow up, I have to start at square one with the tech support person. They cannot escalate the issue and put me in touch with a higher tier. Instead, they can speak with higher tier support and be the middle-man to me for the duration of the call. If the problem isn't solved, and I have to call back the next day, we begin at square one....ugh...{insert rolly-eye emoticon here}
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    Apparently, Ameriprise does not support QFX file format (Web Connect or Express Web Connect) for downloading transactions.

    Because of this, my cash/check transactions are not received normally, they go right into my register, missing payee information, not matching existing transactions....ugh... Have had not problem connecting with Ameriprise, or downloading brokerage transactions,'s the format the cash transactions come in that is the problem. Not sure if Ameriprise is interested in addressing this.