Asset report differs from home page summary

My weekly net asset report comes up with a total amount the differs by several $K from the total assets shown on my home page where all my accounts are listed. Why?


  • UKR
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    What is your setting for the Account Bar in Quicken?
    • Show Current Balance in Account Bar
    • Show Ending Balance in Account Bar
    Click the gear icon in the title line of the Account Bar to view / change this setting.

    The Ending Balance is the balance of all transactions entered in the account register, including future-dated transactions such as postdated checks and online payments that have been sent but not yet processed.
    The Current Balance is the balance of all transactions entered as of today.

    This will most likely explain the difference you are seeing.
    If not, more details, please.

  • englehorn
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    I found the error. It was my miss-reading of my main screen. The cash and banking total is not added to the investments total on this screen in a grand total. The main screen does not give a total net worth at the bottom line.
    The weekly net worth report does include cash balances.
    Thanks for your help and I apologise for taking up you time. :)
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