How do I get a report of transactions from my bank AND credit cards by category for taxes

I just started downloading credit card transactions from credit card site. What a saving of time BUT now I'm trying to get a summary of transactions by category for my tax preparation. I have not found the magic for getting a report to include BOTH credit card and bank transactions for last year. Am I asking for the impossible? Thanks. PastorLMA

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  • PastorLMA
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    Thank you, Franxk.
    It's funny. When I ask for a report from last year, it doesn't include charge accounts even though I checked it as you directed. But for a the current year, it will include. Only started downloading directly from charge last November, but I know I had some medical bills paid via charge but not showing up on 2019 report. So I've download a report of those 2019 credit card charges seperately and will just have to total myself for this run. Hopefully it will do it for 2020.
    Thanks for your help. Pastor LMA
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