Bank statement downloads in Starter for Mac 2017 after April 30, 2020?

I renewed my Quicken 2017 for Mac Starter subscription in Dec. 2019 for one year. Today, March 23, I received a "critical alert" that I could no longer download my bank statement after April 30, and a suggestion that I upgrade to Deluxe for $44.99. Do I have to do this? Can I get a credit for the balance of my subscription which has 9 months to run?


  • RickO
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    You actually didn't renew your Quicken 2017. You actually subscribed to the new Quicken Subscription product. They are separate apps and can run independently and simultaneously. It sounds like you paid, but you didn't actually download, install and transition over to the new QM 2020.

    You can tell the difference as follows: (1) the app in your Applications folder should be named "Quicken", not "Quicken 2017", and (2) the icon should not have a little "17" in the lower right corner like this: .

    If you are seeing the 17 on your app icon, then you need to:

    1. Go to and sign in
    2. Download Quicken.dmg file by clicking "Download for Mac" on your account page
    3. Double click the downloaded file and follow instructions to install
    4. When you launch (not Quicken, it will give you the option to start with a Quicken 2017 file. Do this and follow the instructions which will import your 2017 file to QMac. 
    5. Once everything is up and running to your satisfaction, you can delete Quicken from your Application folder. 
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  • derry29
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    Perfect answer in 3 paragraphs. 1. You stated my situation exactly. 2. You told me how to confirm your statement on my own computer. 3. You told me clearly in numbered steps what to do.

    It worked! Please God, the next time I ask a question on the web I get you or somebody channeling you. Thank you.
  • RickO
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    You are very welcome. Be safe.
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