Quickfill categories is making this unusable for us!!

I am having such an issue with the "save quickfill rule" that is constantly popping up with every single transaction. We use Quicken for our property management company. We have 20+ different bank accounts and several credit cards on the software so I am working with hundreds of transactions monthly.

Before this most recent version I was able to easily find the transactions such as rent or payments to vendors under "uncategorized" but since this update it now mistakenly assigns rents to whichever tenants it likes, splits categories constantly because of batch transactions and leaves negative rents balances because it takes every single rent this comes in monthly and tries to split each the same way. For example if months ago I split a $5000 rent payment into 2 address it will now split every single rent payment into 2 $2500 transactions even if the payment is only $1500 so to make up for the nonexistant money it creates negative transactions. I have to track down each one, cancel the split, then search the date for the actual amount paid and adjust the totals. It takes payments to one vendor and decides every payment we make is now categorized under this one vendor. I have to repeat this process. It also makes it easy for mistakes to happen. If I'm not literally triple checking every category every month there are times when I don't realize a random check is assigned improperly.

It has been such a miserable headache the past few months to reconcile accounts and takes me 2 to 3 times the time to do so. I searched for way to permanently uncheck the "save quickfill rule under category" option but apparently it is not an option to turn that off. I have to now manual uncheck it for every single transaction but it doesn't change the rules that were mistakenly made before I realized what the heck was happening so those old rules continue to exist and make things difficult for me. To make matters worse: I am not the only one using the software so if someone else in my office forgets to uncheck that option even one time for one category, I am back to square one and stuck searching down hundreds of transactions that end up in the wrong category (and GOD FORBID it be a split category). This software is supposed to make my life easier, not more difficult.

I understand how if someone is just using this for one or a few accounts how the auto-categories could be a Godsend but I wish they would consider those of us working with multiple accounts or with hundreds (or even thousands) of transaction monthly and make this an optional service for us.

Okay rant over!

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  • elsterinc
    elsterinc Member
    That is wonderful news! I have been pulling my hair out trying to reconcile my accounts each month since the update!
  • BikerBear
    BikerBear Member ✭✭
    > @RickO said:
    > The product manager has indicated that they are working on the next update to include a user preference to turn automatic QuickFill saving on or off by default.

    But what year???? This is so annoying that it's making reconsider keeping QMac20
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The implication was that it will be in the 5.16 update, but that would of course depend on testing results, etc. Quicken doesn't pre-announce release dates for updates.
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  • Marys
    Marys Member ✭✭✭
    This pre-checked box for the Quickfill category is so annoying that I'm find myself frequently looking around for other software to keep my finances. A prime example are Amazon charges. Each time a charge comes in it tries to categorize all of them to the same thing unless I remember to uncheck that box. I order so many different things from Amazon for many different aspects of my life. This is extremely irritating.
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Amazon is also the most frequent annoyance with this for me too. Fortunately, as indicated above, this will likely be fixed in the next release.
    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • Blindman721
    Blindman721 Member
    I agree. The QuickFill rule is frustrating with payers like Amazon and Target. I'm glad that Quicken is looking to fix this.
  • uncledribbly
    uncledribbly Member ✭✭
    So irritating. One of the worst "features" of this application.
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