How to allocate basis of Honeywell and Resideo?

I owned 7 shares of Honeywell in a Fidelity managed account with a basis (cost) of $1,088.48 in October 2018.

As a result of the Resideo spinoff from Honeywell in October 2018, I received 1 share of Resideo stock and $3.26 in cash (in lieu of a fractional share of Resideo.

My understanding of the terms of the spinoff are: I would receive 1 share (or fraction thereof) of Resideo stock for every 6 shares of Honeywell I owned. In addition, the Honeywell stock basis would be allocated between the Honeywell and Resideo stock (including any fractional shares) post-spinoff based on the weighted average price of each stock on the date of the spinoff.

On my October Fidelity statement, it shows an end of month basis of the 7 shares of my Honeywell stock of $1,056.26, and a basis of my 1 share of Resideo stock of $27.61. In addition, it also shows a basis in the fractional share for which I received the $3.26 of $4.61.

According to an illustrative IRS Form 8937 issued by Honeywell (?), my basis of $1088.48 in my Honeywell stock pre-spinoff should be allocated to the Honeywell and Resideo stock post spinoff based on the weighted average price of each of the company's stock as of the date of the spinoff, or 97.08165% to Honeywell and 2.9184% to Resideo. When I apply these percentages to the $1,088.48 basis of my Honeywell stock pre-spinoff, I do not come up with the $1,056.26 or $27.61 bases of the Honeywell and Resideo stock post-spinoff, as per Fidelity.

What I would like to know is (1) how these basis numbers were computed, and (2) how do I enter the results in Quicken.

Thanks in advance.

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