Market Value in Sidebar and Register Summary don't match for certain accounts (Q Mac)

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A weird situation. The market value of certain accounts that contain a particular security don't match up. The correct value for the account and the security is shown in the register details however the total shown at the very top of the register summary AND also in the Sidebar aren't correct and don't match. Can't figure out why that would be occurring. I've tried deleting the price history and building it again but that doesn't work. One more thing, if i change the calendar to show the price history from yesterday or any day in the past then it all synchs and shows correctly! Any ideas? thx!


  • volvogirl
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    Maybe you have a security price or transaction dated  in the future? Check the price history.

    If the number of shares is right you might have a price dated in the future or a wrong price listed for the current date. Edit the price history to check. Or even a transaction dated in the future.

  • thank you. I looked at that but there are none in the future and today's price is correct. The odd thing is that the market value is correct in the register totals (bottom part of the account summary screen). it's only the top of the screen summary total and the sidebar summary where it's wrong. If i change the date to tomorrow or yesterday then they all foot correctly. I had the same issue yesterday.
  • one more point. I just updated to Quicken for Mac 2020 (the subscription). the file that i imported didn't have this issue in Quicken 2017 and when i toggle over to Quicken 2017 and update the prices, everything is correct so it's either a bug in the migrated file or the new 2020 app. I've tried a number of ways to import the file and the same thing always happens. thank yoU!
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