Transferring shares out leaves an "Inv. Amt" negative balance

I transferred all shares from a Morgan Stanley account to UBS (favorite broker had moved and I wanted to follow him). I used "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" option - it left a "Shares Removed" transaction in the old Morgan Stanley account (makes sense), and a "Shares Added" in UBS. But it also left a negative balance for "Inv. Amt" for the transaction in Morgan Stanley.

Now Quicken won't let me "close account" for Morgan Stanley because of all the non-zero "Inv. Amt" entries (which are all negative). The account value also shows a negative balance. But all the share balances are zero, and the actual cash balances are correct (in the linked checking account) - which also ended up being zero after the dust settled.

Is this a bug or a feature I'm not understanding?

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