date choices

when reconciling any account or adding a transaction to any account the date is way off. It used to be the current date. but now for instance a reconcile date right now shows 4/25/2020, a transaction date yesterday showed early 2000's.


  • patbunyard
    patbunyard Member ✭✭
    Wow, at least in the ballpark. When I tap on calendar icon to enter different date from today in any register I get Dec 31, 1899. :o
  • Jayeffel
    Jayeffel Member
    yep, mine actually shows 1900
  • Mac421
    Mac421 Member
    :o Same with me. After latest update (5.15.2) the dropdown date shows Dec 31, 1899. A way around it is to select Today, then use the plus or mini signs to go up or down.
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