Automatic transactions come in as "BoughtX"

I have systematic transactions that add to my kids' college investing accounts each month. One transaction from my checking account with memorized splits will deposit cash balances into each security. When American Funds transactions are downloaded, they come in as "BoughtX" transactions so they do not deplete the cash balance. I have to manually change each "BoughtX" action to "Bought" so that the cash balance is back to zero. Is there a setting I can use to tell Quicken to download these transactions as "Bought" action type?


  • q_lurker
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    I am going to answer: No, but don't take that as definitive or absolute.  

    American Funds is an FI that requires one Quicken account for each fund held.  As such they expect the account to be a Single Mutual Fund account (in Quicken terms) and that account type (SMF) can only use a BoughtX buy, not a Bought buy transaction.  As such I am pretty sure American Funds is the sole party responsible for the BoughtX designation and Quicken has not setup for overriding the info from the FI.    
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