removing Welcome to Quicken splash screen

Following new installation replacing 2017 Home and Business. When starting quicken 2020 Deluxe with a pass worded file, the 'welcome to quicken . . . sign in . . .' splash screen appears eventually to be overlaid with the regular enter password box. If you ignore the splash backdrop and enter the password correctly, quicken opens and the splash screen disappears. If, however, you enter the sign in to quicken screen it takes you to the quicken web to activate. Reading the text asking for the activation code, I check my confirmation email from quicken (download deluxe from quicken site) and there is no code listed. A second email "your membership has been created" contains no useful information either. This problem/annoyance manifests itself on two in home computers in the same way. In short, how to stop the annoying splash screen from showing? The second issue is logging into quicken/my account gives no avenue to change auto-renew. Options are the typical name, phone, email, etc.

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