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How to cancel a sent transaction

Where is Tools menu that HELP references. "Go to Tools > Online Center."

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  • judyafjudyaf Member ✭✭
    Thank you.. I did find this after I sent question last night. Very different directions than in HELP. Still finding out how to do things in Q2020; it is a completely different application then any older Quicken. In the middle of working on it last night, the next update 5.15.3 popes up – date-calendar popup problem corrected. JAF
  • judyafjudyaf Member ✭✭
    RickO. Oh BTW when searching I always did add Quicken for Mac and/or click a Mac button when it appeared. Is there somewhere where you found the instructions you sent in Help or did you type it out and add your own screen shot?
  • judyafjudyaf Member ✭✭
    Since working in Quicken Mac 2020 in so different than Windows, is there some way to collect our Mac knowledge in it's own searchable location (Quicken MAC HELP). I'm assuming that the Quicken programers have this in their future plan, but just haven't had time yet. Seems like I moved to the new Q2020 subscription too soon ( this is a whole new program, not an upgrade).
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