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ESPP gain error converting from Quicken Premier Windows 2017 to Quicken Deluxe Mac 2020

On Mar 14, 2020, I converted 26 years of brokerage transactions from Quicken Premier on Windows to Quicken Deluxe 2020. The conversion seemed to go fine, but when I went to reconcile my Brokerage account, I noticed that the cash balance on my brokerage account was incorrect.

After several hours of comparing transactions between the two versions, I finally discovered that every ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase) sale had been converted incorrectly between the two versions.

In Quicken Premier 2017 (Win) each ESPP sale is split in to a transaction for capital gains and a transaction for miscellaneous income. The miscellaneous income entry looked correct, but there was an error was in the ESPP sale, which had the wrong dollar amount of profit from the sale.

I don't know if this is specific to the transitions from Windows to Mac, or if it is a problem with the transition from Premier to Deluxe. But I wasn't interested in the additional features that Premier would have provided, and I would guess that the import utility would be the same for all the versions.

In any case, I'm writing this to let any other people considering switching from the Windows to the Mac that there may be an issue handling ESPP sales when converting between the platforms.
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