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Importing Citibank transactions for last year creates a new "Line of Credit" account

I'm trying to import my Citibank credit card transactions from 2019 but when I go to File -> Import -> Bank or Brokerage File (OXF, QFX)... I get a message that 1 Account Found, add or link the account but it calls it "Line of Credit" and even when I change the type to credit card, the only option is to add a new account. Is there a way to import those transactions to the existing account? Or should I just turn off the existing account and create a new account by downloading all the transactions from last year and year to date? Thank you!

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  • kirstikirsti Member
    Thank you, John! I'll give it a try. Much appreciated! Stay safe!
  • kirstikirsti Member
    Awesome, RickO! Thank you!
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