The category "Balance Adjustment" impacts Personal Income in the Budget.

The category "Balance Adjustment" impacts Personal Income in the Budget. And I can't get rid of it. It's also true for Balance Adjustment in expenses.
Help me get rid of it from the budget under "Everything Else" in Personal Income & expenses ! !


  • GeoffG
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    Balance adjustments are the blindfold to a firing squad. They should never be used for any checking/savings or credit card accounts. If a user selects this "option" during the reconciliation process, it means they are actually not reconciling the account, they are only covering up the issue.
    To resolve these balance adjustments, you need to go back to when they first occurred and sadly the accounts must be correctly reconciled. Depending on how far back this could be monumental, but if focused on one month at a time, it can be done. It's also possible that balance adjustments in later months are no longer necessary to reconcile and can quickly be deleted.
  • Tom Dorrance
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    Oh, Geoff ! Tell me it aint so !!
  • GeoffG
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    How far back have they been used? It's difficult to say if it's better to slog through each month with bank statements in hand, or restore from a backup and rebuild going forward. A bit more detail would be needed to offer any recommendations.
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