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Mac Transaction Report problem with Reinvest Dividend transaction types

Hello Quicken Community! I'm running QM v 5.15.3. I run a transaction report on an investment account whose register shows zero balance but the report shows a non-zero total. Upon investigation, the report total is equal to all Reinvest Dividend transactions in that account. I run the report on all my investment accounts and the problem appears to be consistent. Has anyone else witnessed this problem (my quick search uncovered a lot of problems with Reinvest Dividend transaction type but not this one specifically)?

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  • PloooploooPloooplooo Member ✭✭
    Sorry, just checking in on this. Am I the only one experiencing this problem?
  • PloooploooPloooplooo Member ✭✭
    Thanks, Ihossus. Will do.
  • PloooploooPloooplooo Member ✭✭
    I was hoping this would be fixed in 5.16.1 but it looks like it has not.
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