Using Two Secure PCs in different locations to access my Quicken Premiere subscription?

I have used Quicken via prescription for several years. Now I will have a remote office with privacy and a personal computer and I want to know if I can go there and log in to my account and see the same information I see when I log in at my home base? For privacy reasons I have not wanted to fool with Quicken Mobile or on the Web. I've read the answers to questions about accessing from a Mac via saving a copy offline to OneDrive or Dropbox but I want to know if I have to do that with only Windows/PC access? And if I approve transactions or enter new ones from one location will they show up when I check from the other location? Other than logging in with my User ID and password, do I need to do anything else?


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    Annual subscription, I meant, not prescription!
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    Quicken has no facility to share a single data file between computers...
    You can have a PC or Mac computer act as the main -
    with the Quicken data file on the hard disk.
    If you want, you can use the Quicken Cloud feature to tag a set of accounts to be shared in the cloud - and then access those accounts in the cloud
    from either the Quicken Mobile App or any browser and Quicken on the Web -

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    The best method when working remotely is to access the desktop remotely. Windows Pro has this functionality built in and is fairly easy to setup. You can access Quicken from anywhere and it looks and performs as if you were right there.
    I've even used my iPad in the past to update and reconcile on a daily basis while in the office.
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