Validate Results.....

Quicken R25.21

Running Validate.....

QDF; No Errors
QEL : No Read Errors
QEL: all Internal Consistency checks passed

That seems perfect.  

I now see a header "Analyzing Securities".  The Text reads in part;
***Number of Old style Buy/Cash, etc
***Transactions renumbered/ highest/set to zero...etc
***Maximum security references after renumbering normal/Moved:  119/119

SEE Q-Renumbered.txt in QW.exefor details.

Looking at Q-Renumbered.txt... 5 pages of Security Listed (must be 119 as noted in the validate Summary).  All of course are deal with Securities.

I ran Validate again as I wanted to see since I thought the renumbering was corrected in the 1st Validate Run the Analyzing Securities results would be gone.  Not so, the same exact results were in the Q-Renumber.txtx File.  These will always appear every time Validate is run?  


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