QMAC Canada: American Express will only allow me to download as MS Excel or PDF.

Does anyone have any experience with successful conversion or downloads? All my other accounts work fine why the problem with AMEX Canada? I know there was a previous post on this but am wondering about any updates.


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    Hello @magnus2


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I believe from your title you're talking about the download on the website only giving you the two options. If so it is something that is controlled by AMEX Canada. I'm not entirely sure what their website options are but you sounds like you're fairly familiar in importing web connect files. 

    One thing you may want to try is  seeing if you could connect AMEX through Direct connect in quicken. I know some banks do allow us to go back a fairly long time and it might be the case here.  Click on the + in the top left on the blue bar. Select the account type and then search for amex. Once you click on AMEX click on options in the bottom right and select Direct Connect. Once that's done try signing in following the rest of the prompts and see how far back the downloads go. 



    Please let us know if this helps at all.




    Quicken Francisco

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