How Can I Export a Net Worth Report to CSV? (Q Mac)

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It seems really odd that some reports have an export button and some don't. The Net Worth report is one of those which doesn't. How can I export data to a csv file from a Net Worth report in Quicken for Mac? (I'm running Quicken Deluxe 2020 5.15.3).

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    Thanks for your response John_in_NC. If this is a legacy report does that essentially mean not supported? Is there an alternative report that shows a full list of all accounts (with full names of the account) with current balances?

    The copy/paste option you suggest is not satisfactory for my needs. I want a report that shows account name and account balance. The account names in the Net Worth Over Time report are truncated and I want to show the full name.

    If I could adjust the truncation in the Net Worth Over Time report that would also solve my problem but I don't see a way to do that.
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    Legacy as in one of the few reports that came with the program when it was completely rewritten for Mac in 2010. A new report engine allowing more functionality (including your desired CSV export) has since been created, and reports are being added that work off that.

    Those legacy reports are left in until the new ones are created that supersede them.
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