Payment transaction lost from 2011 to the present

Win 7-64
Quicken 2017 Premier vR19.7

I just noticed some little issues:
(1) Some deposits were lost about 2000 which caused my checking account to go negative.
(2) Almost all payment transactions are lost from about 2011.

This deletion by Quicken occurred in March before 21 Mar.

It is not possible to recover the lost transactions without going through 20 years of statements and reentering and verifying all data. For those in the know that's 240 statements, or in the best case, by recovering data from sometime in March or February before the deletion occurred, and then going through current statements to try to recover data otherwise lost.

Why did Quicken delete payment transactions and some deposit transactions? I haven't checked any of my other accounts yet, so what other accounts did Quicken alter? How do I recover from this and prevent Quicken from deleting information again.

Do say that I'm 'mildly disturbed' would be misleading.


  • UKR
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    If the "lost transactions" damage occurred on or around March 21 ... did you have a crash in Quicken or Windows, a power outage or some other serious event?
    It appears to me that your Quicken data file was damaged. An error on your hard drive may also be possible.
    If you have a data file backup taken before the event occurred, restore your data file and then reenter and/or redownload the new transactions since that day.
    You do have backups, don't you?
  • Arthur Schwarez
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    No power failure or other outage. My suspicion is that if that occurred, and from your comment, that the Quicken data file would have been corrupted. Depending on the Quicken data base read/write strategy, the corruption may have been unresolvable. Since the corruption only occurred in the 2011 year and following, I look at 'casual' corruption as being less than positive. (Removed-Disruptive/Inaccurate)

    I 'recovered' the data by rolling back to 7 Mar 2020. I am now going to review all of my transactions, from 2000 onwards, to see what the heck happened. There was a time in 2014 (?) where the release had the unfortunate habit of deleting transactions. To Quicken's credit, they took the heat and acknowledged the blame. But it is possible that the 2000 corruption occurred then and went undetected.

    Anyhow. I'm mad. If you have any specific means that will allow detection of what happened and possible repair, then I will use one of the backups and perform the repair. Otherwise, as "ol' man mose' would say, "I'm hosed".
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