Actual expenses are not showing up against budget (Q Mac)

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I started a budget to begin April 2020. The actual expenses I have incurred so far are not showing up against the budget


  • Make sure the budget year matches the actuals year. And also make sure you have the detail view in the drop down.

    Hope this helps,
  • gilbysf
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    Thanks Robert...that is all ok. I am really frustrated, linking actual to budget numbers should be finance tracking software 101....can't believe this does not work and support has been no help at all. [removed]
  • drumsdb
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    gilbysf -

    Did you happen to add any accounts AFTER you set up the budget? This is a known issue some of us have discovered and there is another thread detailing.

    Otherwise, you may want to create a new budget from scratch after all accounts are ready to go.
  • gilbysf
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    Thanks drumsdb......I did finally just create a new budget and it works. Thanks for taking the time to answer!
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