Unchecking "Show Splits" Fails

Good Day, When I uncheck the "Show Splits" option in Customize Report settings, the splits in the report continue to be displayed. When I re-enter the Customer Report settings, the "Show Splits" option is checked. I am using the latest version of Quicken Windows Subscription as April 2020. Any suggestions?

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  • Purple Martin
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    Good Day UKR, Yes, I was using a report saved in an earlier version of Quicken (Q2016). I had upgraded from Q2016 to Q2020. I started a new report in Q2020 and the "Show Splits" feature worked properly. Thank you for your prompt reply and insight. Take care.
  • UKR
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    Thank you for reporting back.
    Reports saved in older versions of Quicken not working properly is a frequently posted issue. In some cases it helps to go into Customize on the balky report and click the "Reset Columns" button which the programmers added, then, if it works OK, save and replace the saved report definition.
  • Purple Martin
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    UKR, Thanks for the additional information. Very much appreciated.
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