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I created an account on my iMac for my wife. (Her old iMac is 10 years is being decommissioned) I put my Quicken data folder on an external direct attached hard drive. I can open the file in Quicken. When she is logged in, she cannot. I have given her user full read/write access to the drive and folder and file. Still no joy. I gave her Admin rights. Again, no luck. Quicken says she doesn't have Read/Write access. What am I missing?

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  • mcphersonkent
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    Couple other data points. 1) I can be logged into my wife's account on my iMac and use Word to create and save a file on the external drive and folder where my Quicken data file is. 2) If I copy the Quicken data file to her Documents folder, I can open the file in Quicken from there. Still can't open the file on the drive from Quicken though. Ugh.
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