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Hi Quicken community!
I am in need of some help. I used Quicken since the early 2000, but when I switched to a mac about 10 years ago, I didn't find quicken to be compatible. Fast forward several years, I'm back with quicken and I seem to be having the following trouble:

1. I like to do manual reconciliations. Is is best to manually enter transactions, or just let them be downloaded.. I have had trouble with duplicate transactions in the past. What way do you do reconcile?

2. Reconciliation, I want to reconcile to the paper statement. How do I mark all transactions before the statement as being reconciled. I didn't rec all of 2019 and I'm not going back that far. How do I do this?

Are there any videos that specifically address reconciliation? I find with the new features it just further complicates a very simple process. I'm open to learning- would love some advice, and direction. Help!

Thank you in advance!


  • Quicken Hugh
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    Hi HMC,
    Thanks for posting to the community. 
    1. Yes, you can manually all enter transactions or just let all transactions download from your Financial Institution.
    Quicken is designed to work well with both methods.
    I personally prefer to let the computer do what computers are good at (downloading transactions), and let humans do what humans are good at (high-level task management). For your purposes, whichever method you prefer is your best correct answer.

    2. We have specific information discussing reconciling an account (on a Mac machine) here.

    Quicken has a YouTube Channel with many Mac specific videos which show you how to accomplish specific goals and tasks. You might want to subscribe to this channel as we are adding more videos.

    As always, you are welcome to contact support directly if you need more help. 
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