Can't back-up file

I get the following messages when I try to back-up my files
1. Unable to Open Source File
2. Quicken cannot open the date file because it is in use by some other app. Please close that app.
3. Unable to re-load current file after copy

Anyone have an idea what is going on? This all started when i signed up from drop box because my computer memory was getting really low so i copied and pasted the files over to drop box. Now i can't download. I have no idea if those things are connected?

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    Hi @[email protected] ,

    Go to:  Download and install Glary Utilities.
    Go to:  Download and install CCleaner Free.

    Use both products regularly. They will help you clean your computer.

    Computer Memory? Keeping your Data File in Drop Box Folder on your computer will cause your computer to run slower and possibly cause Data File Corruption which can't be repaired.

    Computer Memory is the amount of Physical Memory / Ram increase in the computer.

    Storage is your Hard Drives, as well as DVD Recorder Disk Drives.

    Also your Quicken Data File, while it appears in Drop Box, is also located within your Drop Box folder on your computer.

    Proper location path to Quicken Data Folder is anywhere in your Documents Folder.

    Ex: J:\My Documents\Quicken
    J:\My Documents\Quicken 2020 Data

    My Documents Folder in my Desktop Computer is located on a separate partition.

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