How can I stop double entries for rent received?

My primary checking receives rent deposit. I cannot get this to add into rent center and create a rental receipt. If I enter rent received within rent center, it adds another deposit to check register.


  • Frankx
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    Hi krprdh,

    If you've been successful in entering rent using the rent center - then if you just go to checking account (where you had already entered the rent payments) and delete those duplicate entries you should be good to go.

    Let me know if you have any followup questions.


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  • glenn2830
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    Hi Frankx,
    I was having a similar issue and found this thread when looking for a solution. No offense, but did not like the solution of deleting the duplicate entries in the checking account. So I looked at what was actually happening in the checking account. I found when I entered a rent received from rental tab, in the checking account, the category was set as "/rental property name". So I found when rent is received (as a direct deposit) in the checking account, if I simply change the category to "/rental property name" the rent is correctly shown in the Rental tab. So not necessary to even enter the rent received over there. I also notice the same was true for expenses. I created a test expense in the Rental tab, and took note of the category (note in this case it is the Quicken expense category with /rental property at end). Then in the checking account for automatic expense payments (ie a HOA), I just change the category.
    Anyway, hope this helps someone.
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