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can you do a search within only one column

can you do a search within only one column, like "category" or "memo/notes"?

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  • MargieLHMargieLH Member ✭✭
    No, you can sort by a column. Do you know the name of the search item?
  • PeterPeter Member ✭✭
    yes; I thought it might narrow the search down and save time if you could filter the search by column
  • MargieLHMargieLH Member ✭✭
    Click on All Transactions and then put your item name in the search field at the top right of the register. This should narrow it down. You might already know this!
  • PeterPeter Member ✭✭
    yeah, I did, but thanks for offering to help!
  • MargieLHMargieLH Member ✭✭
    Peter - I thought you were talking about Windows. I see now you are using Mac. Sorry for the wrong info.
    RickO - thanks for the tip!
  • PeterPeter Member ✭✭
    thanks all for your answers! thank goodness for forums!
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