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Bank of America Verification

boomer_1970 Member ✭✭
Good Afternoon:

I have seberal BOA Accounts. SOme are listed as BOA - Quicken, others are BOA - Other States. I assume this is because some are older, some are newer.

When I go to do a One Step Update, I receive a popup box that states Bank of America requires that you enter more information in order to connect. How would you like to receive your code? I select Text Message and click "OK".

I never get a text message and any transactions . I then will get a box asking me whether I have changed the account and I click that I did not. The accounts update.

When I log into BOS online I also get a message that I need to log into my BOA accounts in 10 minutes. Even when I do, I still get the message each time.

The good news is that I get my accounts updated but it is a pain in the neck each time. Is there a way to resolve?

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
    Rocket J Squirrel SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    BOA - Quicken uses Express Web Connect. See whether you can disconnect those EWC accounts and connect them to BOA - All Other States, which uses the more reliable Direct Connect method.

    This will likely depend on the age of each account and whether the account ever used DC before, due to BOA policy.
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  • boomer_1970
    boomer_1970 Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the help. I disconnected each one and re-established online services using -Other States and all seems to be fine now with the exception of one file which, in the app, says needs to be corrected. Thanks for the feedbackl!

    _________________________________________________Using Quicken Deluxe R50.8 Build USA

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