Entering Foreign Dividend Details

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Using Mac OS 10.13.6
Hi, My question; How do I enter Foreign Dividends in investing. Most of my Foreign Stocks pay a dividend + Foreign Withholding & a Foreign Bank Fee. As to withholding that's a deductible item, while Fee are not (so I'm told). So how are these separated, I see only Enter Dividend amount?


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    1. Enter your Total Dividend as a Dividend (DIV) transaction.
    2. Enter a separate Withdrawal transaction. In the Withdrawal Category you can then pick the category where you track these i.e. Foreign Bank Fee, Foreign Withholding, ADR Fee, etc. If you have more than one, pick Split Category and enter each there. If you want to keep it like you Brokerage Statement, then enter each "Fee" as a separate Withdrawal. Your choice.
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    When I enter a new Transaction, under Type, I don’t see a "Withdrawal Category" but do see many others choices, one of which is "Miscellaneous Expense" which seems to offer a Category selector where I can choose my pre-entered category of “Foreign Withholding”. After that I seem to need to enter yet another transaction that where I can enter the figure for “Foreign Bank Fee”.

    Is that anything you had in mind? Old Quicken 2007 seemed to hander this in a better way.

    Thanks for you help
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    Update: This is what I found Last night -
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