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My budget disappeared

Quicken is asking me to start a budge. My original budget is gone today for some reason. I added some expenses today but did not back anything up in hopes I can go back to yesterday to install yesterday's backup to get my budget back.

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  • hmdayhmday Member ✭✭✭
    I get the same thing. every so often my budget disappears, i have to install a backup to get it back.
  • pwlong777pwlong777 Canada Beta Beta
    Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried them in the past but will do so again. I am on the latest version of Quicken Canada with all the patches. As far as synching with the web I must admit I have given up on it as it produced transaction errors that I could not resolve, and also altered transactions in my desktop version some well in the past. I have been part of the beta testing folk and it used to work but is not worth the effort to get to the bottom of the problem.
  • BillMonteSerenoBillMonteSereno Member ✭✭
    Today when I launched, my budget that is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME disappeared. This has never happened to me. I recently (April 27) purchased the new subscription for Windows. I am rather hating it so far. In addition to the disappeared budgets (I actually had several for different years), the program takes 35 seconds to load upon launch. I've been timing it. It has also been unstable and takes forever to enter scheduled bills. I have a large data base behind my file since I've used the software for 20+ years. I do not archive because I often go back to look for transactions for various reasons. Thoughts or suggestions?? Thx
  • BillMonteSerenoBillMonteSereno Member ✭✭
    I went straight to a restore from yesterday's back up and it solved the problem. Whew.
  • pwlong777pwlong777 Canada Beta Beta
    Nothing I have tried seems to work. I do realize that restoring a backup can restore the budget (n some cases) but that also means that I have to re-enter any transactions or downloads that have happened since that restore. That is NOT a fix to the problem, and I have come to the conclusion that with the current version of Quicken there is no usable budgeting capability. I thought I was alone on this problem but since there are others, I really hope that Quicken will look into it and resolve it in a future release.
  • RobertRobert Member ✭✭
    Happened to me again. Major bug. Why does this happen every couple of months???? PLEASE FIX YOUR BUGGY SOFTWARE.
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